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Correction - Two Nights in April

Grego Edwards, gapplegatemusicreview

Those who respond to the intimacy and potential power of the freely gliding jazz piano trio have something new to experience, Correction. Their recently released CD Two Nights in April (Ayler) hooks you into the band live at two different clubs in Sweden, playing forcefully convincing music with real panache.

Correction is Sebastian Bergstrom on piano, Joacim Nyberg on acoustic bass, and Emil Astrand-Melin on drums. And just because you may not have heard of them does not mean you should take them for granted.

The trio presents 12 relatively short improvisations, which is refreshing. They cover free post-Cecil Taylor explorations, hard swinging outbop, introspective free ballads, whirling dervish motor music, and things somewhere in between all of those options.

It's an accomplished, dynamic group and Mr. Bergstrom is a definite new voice to be heard. The music has the vitality of good live music and the subtlety of formidable musicianship. Everybody wins on this one: the trio, the audiences at the clubs and you, the home listener.