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Correction - Two Nights in April

Stuart Kremsky, IAJRC Journal

Correction is a trio of pianist Sebastian Bergström, bassist Joacim Nyberg, and drummer Emil Åstrand-Melin. On their second Ayler release, Two Nights in April, the three display a tough and occasionally abrasive lyricism. One of the fine things about this unit is how easily they juggle roles. On a piece like Jannowitzbrücke, Nyberg holds down an ostinato pattern while Bergström dances up and down the keyboard. Drummer Åstrand-Melin controls the dynamics with unpredictable bursts of sound.

Then on the very next track, it’s Nyberg that’s all over his bass with a distinctly physical attack. Bergström jumps in with long rolling lines at the piano, eventually settling down to a tinkly music box sound, and then silence. The hard-driving Året är 1520 is taut and aerodynamic, with the ensemble at its unified best in three minutes of unstoppable momentum.

The pieces are all credited to the trio, generally falling into the 2-5 minutes range. That’s a rarity these days, and the contrary souls of Correction keep their music concise and very much to the point. In his wildly approving liner notes, saxophonist Mats Gustafsson raves about their poetry and group identity, and as a working improviser himself, he homes in the trio’s distinctive approach to the trio setting. The trio’s tightly focused interplay and attitude of creative discovery with the standard piano trio format keeps the music generally fresh, vigorous and well worth hearing.