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Michael Marcus Trio - Ithem

Ithem - CD cover art

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Michael Marcus, as, bcl
William Parker, b
Denis Charles, dr

cd tracks:

1. Ithem, take 1
2. Under the Wire
3. Secret Oceans
4. Here At
5. Ithem, take 2
Total time: 43:01

release information:

#1-3 recorded in concert at the Old Knitting Factory, NYC
on June 28, 1993.
#4-5 recorded at Smash Studios, NYC
on February 12, 1993.
Cover painting by Åke Bjurhamn.
1 CD Digipack.


Michael Marcus is a well-known partner to saxophonist Sonny Simmons but in 1993, he was on his own and formed a trio with two of the big creators of free jazz; William Parker and Denis Charles. The trio “rehearsed” and recorded in a studio and some months later the trio performed in a festival at Knitting Factory in NYC. This CD documents music from both occasions.