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Noël Akchoté - Loving Highsmith

Loving Highsmith - CD cover art

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Noël Akchoté, electric & acoustic guitars
Bill Frisell, electric guitars
Mary Halvorson, electric guitar

cd tracks:

Disc 1 - with Mary Halvorson
1-13. Music for the Film
14-26. From the Sessions
Total time : 64’21
Disc 2 - with Bill Frisell
1-11. Music for the Film
12-15. Alternate takes
16-22. From the Sessions
Total time: 66'45
Audio excerpts only available at the bandcamp page.

release information:

All original film music composed by Noël Akchoté except otherwise noted (see bandcamp tracklisting).
Mary Halvorson sessions recorded January 4-5, 2020 at The Rabbitfield, Antwerp, by Christophe Albertijn.
Bill Frisell sessions recorded during August 2020 by Noël Akchoté & Bill Frisell in their respective homes.
Solo takes recorded November 26-27, 2019 by Christophe Albertijn at The Rabbitfield, Antwerp.
Mixed and mastered by Christophe Albertijn. Cover design & layout by Stéphane Berland.
Photo courtesy of the Swiss Literary Archives, Bern. Bill Frisell appears courtesy of Blue Note Records.
Produced by Stéphane Berland & Noël Akchoté with Mathieu Demontès.
Executive production by Ayler Records & Ensemble Film GmbH, Zürich, Switzerland.
2 CD 3-fold/4-panel Digisleeve.


Music for the film written & directed by Eva Vitija.
It is my intention that the audience of LOVING HIGHSMITH should fall in love with the author, get to know her better, begin to hate her a little and ultimately separate from her but never forget her – having seen her with the candid gaze of a love story which leaves us transformed.
Eva Vitija, Bern, September 2021

If guitar is my house, duet is my home. We first met with Eva early 90’s, in Zürich with Corin Curschellas. First saw Bill Frisell in Paris (1984 with the Paul Motian Quintet) and discovered Mary when she covered « Cheshire Hotel » (written for Marc Ribot in 1996, another guitar duet). Contemporary, simultaneous & pace, just like the film.
Noël Akchoté, Saint-Gildas-de-Rhuys, January 2022