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Lila Bazooka - Arashiyama

Arashiyama - CD cover art

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Sophie Bernado, bassoon, voice, electronics
Céline Grangey, field recording, sound design, electronics
with guest: Ko Ishikawa, mouth organ (sho) on tracks #7 & 10

cd tracks:

1. Nouka
2. Arashiyama
3. Perpetuum
4. Thanks to the Hill
5. Hyoshi Taisha
6. Todai-ji
7. Kome to Me
8. Altaï
9. Aishite Imasu
10. I Keep Lifting My Head
11. Ducks and Boats
  Total time: 59'30
Audio excerpts only available at the bandcamp page.

release information:

All music by Céline Grangey & Sophie Bernado, except track #10 by Ko Ishikawa.
Arranged, mixed and mastered by Céline Grangey, February-May 2021 in Lamaguère, France.
Words by Sophie Bernado, except track #3 by Charles Henry Brent.
Cover artwork by Céline Grangey & Stéphane Berland.
1 CD Digifix.


Behind the nickname "Lila Bazooka" stand Sophie Bernado and Céline Grangey, two artists in search of new frontiers to overcome. With Arashiyama, they combine jazz and a certain form of classicism, both in love with free experimentation and bubbling sounds. Difficult to classify, the universe of the duo roams the Japanese lands, a society torn between tradition and modernity, where they first found their inspiration while travelling there. Sophisticated and 'carnal', the breath serves as the backbone of this first album with vaporous and meditative contours, erecting a world crossed by a thousand lights and neat poetry, freedom and subtlety, by movements and displacements, softness and energy.