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Eric Zinman & Laurence Cook - Double Action

Double Action - CD cover art

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Laurence Cook, dr, perc, casio wk1630
Eric Zinman, CP300 stage piano

cd tracks:

1. Threat One
2. Threat Two
3. Siege
4. Dogs
5. The Greater the Green, the Greater the Ceremony
6. Limited Highway Access
7. Incident
Total time: 46:12

release information:

Recorded in Pawtucket, RI and Cambridge, MA, USA
between January and October 2009.
Cover painting by Linda Clave.
1 CD "Guerilla Series" Mini Single Jewel.


Solid sounds melt and pour as slow dissolutions and accelerations of saturating textures, moving over and into each other. This one has been described as a musical circus with all the excitement of military equipment, construction demolition, shotguns, pornography and professional wrestling.