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Return Of The New Thing - Traque

Traque - CD cover art

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Dan Warburton, p, vln
Francois Fuchs, b
Jean-Luc Guionnet, as, ss
Edward Perraud, dr

cd tracks:

1. Traque
2. Trictrac
3. Babil
4. Scent
5. Vloo
Total time: 74:04

release information:

#1 recorded in concert at Studio Val d´Orge,
France , on February 16, 2002.
#2-5 recorded at Festival Jazz à Mulhouse,
France, on August 25, 2000.
Cover painting by Åke Bjurhamn.
1 CD Digipack.


This is excitingly impure music; the options offered by jazz of all kinds, rock, blues, new music, free-improv and beyond are all kept open, and the listener quickly learns that from moment to moment, anything can happen. There is an authentic rampaging energy here, but there's also a smile behind the fury, which sets the album apart from the frowning grandeur of “Ascension” or “Machine Gun” or, for that matter, the “ecstatic jazz” of the 1990s.