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Exploding Customer - At Tampere Jazz Happening

At Tampere Jazz Happening - CD cover art

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Martin Küchen, ss, as, ts
Kjell Nordeson, dr
Tomas Hallonsten, tp
Benjamin Quigley, b

cd tracks:

1. Mr BP (D)
2. Child, Child
3. Quoting Frippe: (what's the name of the bass player?)
4. The Prophet´s Ad (Bowing For The Man?)
5. The Crying Whip
6. Peace Is Not For Us II
7. Gone Herero
8. A Broken Glass
9. Too Much Money
Total time: 50:24

release information:

Recorded at the Tampere Jazz Happening, Finland
on November 6, 2004.
Cover photo by Jan Ström.
1 CD Digipack.


'EC Club' time!
#1 - The first rule of the 'EC Club' is, you tell about EC to everyone you know.
#2 - The second rule of the 'EC Club' is, you TELL about EC to EVERYONE you know.
#3 - If someone says stop, you keep playing your EC cd.
#4 - Four guys are the bomb.
#5 - One tune at a time.
#6 - No shirts, no shoes (when you're finished dancing to EC).
#7 - EC cd playing will go on as long as they have to.
#8 - If this is your first time listening to EC, you have to love it.
Currently listening to... Nah, you know that.
I love it too!!! And danced to it already.
We now have our Masada from Northern Europe.