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Correction - Two Nights in April

Daniel Spicer, The Wire

In the last couple of decades – notwithstanding the dedication of free jazz warhorses like Sten Sandell – pianists such as Esbjörn Svensson and Brad Mehldau have pushed the piano trio towards a melodic and rhythmic grandiosity owing more to Keith Jarrett than Keith Tippett. So, it’s good to find this young Swedish trio of pianist Sebastian Bergstrom, bassist Joacim Nyberg and drummer Emil Astrand-Melin approaching their work with a fresh sense of adventure. Here they make a dozen neat and economically realised statements that, while unafraid to touch on a number of pre-existing idioms – from hard-swinging post-bop to scuttling Improv to bluesy crawl – remain spontaneously generated, growing organically out of tiny gestures met with rapid reactions and split-second group decisions. At just a few minutes long, some of these pieces feel like preparatory sketches rather than finished creations, but at least there aren’t any Radiohead covers.