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Killing Spree - Boko Boko Tour

Boko Boko Tour - CD cover art

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Matthieu Metzger, alto saxophone, electronics
Sylvain Daniel, electric bass, effects
Grégoire Galichet, drums

cd tracks:

1. I
2. Stinky Flower
3. The Brain Sucking Exercise
4. This Song Begins Like A Hit.
5. Parler à un homme qui marche
6. ibliss
7. Our Endless Boring Loop
8. Dismembered Carmen vs Emma Peel
9. O
Total time: 44'57

release information:

Recorded live at Club Soto in April 2018 during Killing Spree's “Boko Boko Tour”
[ UrBANGUILD (Kyoto), Club Stomp (Osaka), Soto (Kyoto), Kirchherr (Hamamatsu),
FSN Bar Chez Philippe (Kyoto), Iyoyaka no Sato (Kishiwada) ].
Tour photos by Katia Jacob.
1 CD 2-fold Digifile. Limited edition of 300.


Three years after the release of their debut album (aylCD-143) on Ayler Records, the 'avant-jazz-metal' Killing Spree trio of Matthieu Metzger, Grégoire Galichet and Sylvain Daniel embarked for a tour around Japan.
It seemed a good idea to record some of the dates and offer you the opportunity to experience the power and intensity that the trio carries on stage, and shade new light on the band’s compositions and improvisations.

Thus, here it is: a live recording of the band’s repertoire. Enjoy!