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Jean-Marc Foltz w/ Matt Turner & Bill Carrothers - To the Moon

To the Moon - CD cover art

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Jean-Marc Foltz, cl
Matt Turner, cello
Bill Carrothers, p

cd tracks:

1. Moonfleck
2. Black Butterflies
3. A Pale Washerwoman
4. Knitting Needles
5. Moondrunk
6. Crosses
7. Gallows Song
8. Old Pantomimes
9. To Colombine
10. Prayer
Total time: 50:07

release information:

Recorded at Creation Audio, Minneapolis, USA on January 8, 2008.
Cover art by Emmanuel Guibert.
SOLD OUT. Available as a digital release.


This all-improvised session by three of my favorite musicians caught me by surprise the night I first listen to the rough mixes at my friend (and co-producer) Philippe Ghielmetti's home, while having a glass of wine. On my way back home, I could still hear the tunes that the trio had spontaneously created with this sole plan for the session: “Let’s find some music, somewhere… over the rainbow”. As Jean-Marc Foltz puts it in his liner notes, they went right to the Moon. Meet us there.