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Bernado/Rinaudo/Mayot - Ikui Doki

Ikui Doki - CD cover art

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Sophie Bernado, bassoon, voice
Hugues Mayot, saxophone, clarinet
Rafaelle Rinaudo, harp, effects

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Recorded June 11-13, 2018 by Céline Grangey
at Studio Music Unit, Montreuil, France.
Cover artwork by Juliette Berny & Stéphane Berland.
1 CD 2-fold Digifile.


A trio of chamber jazz who pays tribute to modern music, Ikui Doki is in search of ecstatic landscapes through refined harmonic frames in which everything becomes sound.
Passionate about creation and articulation, between writing and improvisation, the three musicians in Ikui Doki offer a repertoire of collective compositions inspired by early 20th Century's French music; a delicate mix of free jazz and jazz aesthetics, with shimmering tones of their renowned predecessors.
In an unprecedented audacious interpretation, Ikui Doki summons the legendary figures of French music, shattering the usual frames of this repertoire. Improbable, would you think? Not with Ikui Doki!