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Yells At Eels + Pinkish Black - Vanishing Light in the Tunnel of Dreams

Vanishing Light in the Tunnel of Dreams - CD cover art

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Pinkish Black:
Daron Beck, keyboards, synthesizer
Jon Teague, drums, synthesizer
Yells At Eels:
Dennis González, pocket, Bb&C trumpets, conch shell, percussion
Aaron González, double bass, electric bass, voice
Stefan González, drums, percussion, marimba, coil spring

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release information:

Recorded by Britt Robisheaux on April 22, 2019
at Cloudland Studio, Fort Worth, Texas, USA.
Assistant engineer: Rubio N.
Mixed & mastered by Daron Beck.
Cover artwork by Jjgfree & Stéphane Berland.
1 CD 2-fold Digifile.


Since the early 2000’s, all personalities involved in both Yells At Eels and Pinkish Black have shared an elevated respect and admiration with one another. The idea of an eventual live and studio collaboration between the two long running musical projects finally came together after many years of discussing it in passing. [...] (For this recording,) we came together with hearts full of both beaming love and bludgeoning despair to make this piece of music. A meditation amongst brothers. A soundtrack of nightmares, of beauty, and of perseverance.
( from Stefan González's liner notes )