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E. Brochard & F. Favriou - Derviche

Derviche - CD cover art

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Eric Brochard, piccolo bass, voice
Fabrice Favriou, drums

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Recorded by Raphaël Guitton (Jazz à Poitiers).
Mixed & mastered by Eric Brochard.
Cover artwork by Zoezephyyr.
1 CD Digifix.


« The ritualistic form… creates fear, for example, by creating an imaginative, often mythological experience which, by containing its own logic within itself, has no reference to any specific time or place, and is forever valid for all time and place…
Above all, the ritualistic form treats the human being not as the source of the dramatic action, but as a somewhat depersonalized element in a dramatic whole. »
Maya Deren (in An anagram of ideas on art, form and film, 1946)