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Derviche (Brochard & Favriou) - Murs Absurdes

Murs Absurdes - CD cover art

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Eric Brochard, electric bass
Fabrice Favriou, drums

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All music by Eric Brochard & Fabrice Favriou.
Recorded on September 23 & 24, 2021 by Pierre-Henri Thiébaut
in the "Logis Férolle", Parthenay, France.
Cover artwork by Alexandre Chanoine & Stéphane Berland.
1 CD Digifix.


The follow-up to their self-titled first album, "Murs Absurdes" finds the duet of Eric Brochard and Fabrice Favriou (Derviche) presenting five new 'sequences' (numbered VI to X).
These are (unlike the first 5 on the previous disc) not separate, independent tracks but conceived to be played as a continuous 'suite', building layer upon layer, turn after turn, a 38+ minutes wall of sound, still hypnotic, still powerful.