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Dennis González Ataraxia Trio+2 - Nights Enter

Nights Enter - CD cover art

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Dennis González, treated C trumpet, percussion, conch shell
Drew Phelps, electric & acoustic bass
Jagath Lakpriya, tabla & djembe
Derek Rogers, moog
Jess Garland, harp

cd tracks:

1. Rain Storm
2. The Yendi
3. Cromlech
4. Drift
5. Sita
6.Göbelki Tepe
7. The Loop
8. Approaching Dawn
9. Nights Enter
Total time: 51'50

release information:

All compositions by Derek Rogers and Dennis González.
Recorded August 23, Sept. 27, Oct. 11 & Dec. 6, 2020 at Klearlight Studio, Dallas, Texas, USA.
Engineered and mastered by Jimi Bowman.
Moog recorded by Derek Rogers at home on June 20, 2020.
Mixed December 6 & 13, 2020, by Jimi Bowman , Drew Phelps, Dennis González & Stefan González.
Cover art by Isabella Anaïs ”Issy” Sisk-González & Dennis González.
1 CD 2-fold Digifile.


The music on Ataraxia Trio's second offering "Nights Enter" (after their first "Ts’íibil Cháaltun" from 2016) is unlike anything else in Dennis González’ substantial discography. The confluence of organic and electronic elements is seamless, and the swirling blend of textures has a dreamlike quality. Derek Rogers’ shimmering electronic beds contrast with the earthiness of Jagath Lakpriya’s percussion and the muscularity of Drew Phelps' deep song. Jess Garland’s harp adds dazzling points of light, and Dennis proves himself once again to be a master of melody – a trait he shares with the greatest jazz musicians.
On "Nights Enter", Ataraxia and friends provide a healing balm for troubled times.
( from Ken Shimamoto's liner notes )