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Didier Lasserre - Silence was pleased

Silence was pleased - CD cover art

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Benjamin Bondonneau, clarinet
Christine Wodrascka, piano
Jean-Luc Cappozzo, trumpet, flugelhorn
Laurent Cerciat, voice (alto)
Gaël Mevel, cello
Denis Cointe, live ‘tinnitus’ sounds
Loïc Lachaize, sound machinery conception & recording
Didier Lasserre, drums, baroque tympano, bell, compositions

cd tracks:

  I - LIGHT :
1. evening on, twilight gray
2. silence accompanied
3. all but the wakeful nightingale
  II - DAY :
4. silence pleased
5. moon rising in clouded majesty
6. apparent queen, peerless light
7. over the dark, silver
  Total time: 53'09
Audio excerpts only available at the bandcamp page.

release information:

All music composed & arranged by Didier Lasserre.
Words by John Milton (1608–1674), from “Paradise Lost”, Book IV.
Recorded at Confort Moderne, Poitiers, France, on May 26-27, 2021.
Cover artwork by unknown artist/engraver & Stéphane Berland.
1 CD Digifix.


A more than original project for drummer and percussionist Didier Lasserre, better known as an improviser (having participated in numerous recordings, mainly in small forms, from solos and duets to quartets), Silence was pleased is his first composed work.
To interpret it, the musician has chosen no less than seven partners to respond to the constant search that drives him, that of a "fair relationship between sound and silence". To go towards what he heard, he had to "find a path", note with precise indications the key points – entrances, exits, superpositions –, melodic profiles, with an important part still being left to improvisation.
From the selected septet, we therefore witness the appearance of sub-groups, often duets, sometimes a trio, and once for the finale, a quartet which fleetingly harbors the ghost of a sextet. In the end, a high quality musical melting pot carrying a lot of emotions, but also a lot of intimate daydreams, even post-baroque.