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Léandre/Houle/Strid - Last Seen Headed

Bruce Lee Galanter, DMG Newsletter

Ms. Leandre and Mr. Houle have worked on three previous releases, all released on the Red Toucan label. This is the second disc for this particular trio lineup, and again it is quite special. This is three musicians from different backgrounds, Joelle is French, Francois is Canadian and Raymond is Swedish, yet the common ground is spontaneous improvisation. It works best when the musicians listen closely and react quickly, combining forces is a communal way. There is a certain magical force that holds this combination together as they weave their way around one another intricately. Their is a certain amount of trust and daring that goes into this instant communion. There are moments of beauty and moments of stunning architecture, the way it all fits together as one dynamic force. Things are often not what they seem, it looks like just a trio of clarinet, contrabass and drums, yet they consistently exchange roles and ideas. From the intense to the subtle, from the delicate to the explosive, the trio is in flux and keeps shifting through a variety of textures and interactions. This is one the freshest, most exciting and most riveting sessions I've heard... Now it is your turn to be knocked out.