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Dennis González Yells At Eels - Cape of Storms

Rita Freire, Magnetica

A real rarity! These are the words that best define this album, Cape of Storms. The reasons are many, beginning with the words “Dennis Gonzalez and the legendary Louis Moholo-Moholo together”. And your expectations of this encounter are already obsolete. If the particularity of the former is to fill the music with a profound spirituality, the virtue of the latter is to strengthen it, to bring it to life. What is heard here is impossible to describe, alas, because it is difficult to find Moholo-Moholo recordings as comfortable as this one. After almost 40 years in exile, in England, the South African drummer moved back to Cape Town. A place as unusual as this music, which Magnetica now holds in its hands. After a trying trip, confronted with ice and snow, it was finally possible for Moholo-Mohole to meet up with Yells at Eels: the Gonzalez family – Dennis on trumpets and brass, Aaron on contrabass, and Stefan on drums and percussion – who recorded this at their home studio in Texas. And only this kind of meeting could have resulted in the telepathic music-making in which this quartet works. They call up decades of music, awakening the ancestors, the African archetypes, linking Spirits to the earth, spinning the universe into a flat-out trance. What is heard, in a few words, and literally, is a touch of pure magic