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Dennis González Yells At Eels - Cape of Storms

Malika Mildred, Let It Bleed Magazine

A lyrical and lilting trumpet starts the musical mayhem od Dennis Gonzalez's "Cape of Storms" CD, which features Louis Moholo-Moholo on drums and vocals. Yells At Eels is the foreboding name of the ensemble. The ambient avant-entendu rhythms on the recording range from Miles Davis moments all the way to post-modern cacophony, making use of instruments such as sleigh bells, goat hooves, and djembe.
Enter a world of nuanced sound ghosts who tell stories in languages that become extinct as soon as they are formed. An ominous pulse of gongs threads its way through this futuristic soundscape, keeping the humanity involved tethered to the ancient and mystical experience of existing. The music is experientalist, as opposed to existential, which the post-Phillip Glass world might be ready to allow to heighten vibrations and raise the glass ceiling of artistic transcendence.
From recording studios in Dallas and New Orleans, straight to your ears, this latest manifestation of a post-imperialist world organization makes a fractal mess of antiquated structures and brings us back to our humble and observant beginnings. All praises to Mother Nature on this album; sound and energy are given to us in raw, un processed form for our spiritual sustenance.