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Exploding Customer - At Tampere Jazz Happening

Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG Newsletter

Featuring Martin Kuchen on alto & tenor sax, Tomas Hallonsten on trumpet, Benjamin Quigley on bass and Kjell Nordeson on drums.
This is the second disc by Martin Kuchen's oddly named quartet, Exploding Customer. This crazed Swedish avant/jazz quartet are the true explosive ones here. Super-tight, highly charged and with that in-your-face intensity of spirit.
These cats are too much, "Child, Child" sounds like Masada-on-speed. The sax and trumpet are perfectly matched as they constantly throw licks back and forth, with that smoking rhythm team burning below.
When Martin switches to tenor, he is even more impressive, blasting with that Trane-like spirit on "The Crying Whip", the entire quartet spewing out those heavy spirits.
They slow down for some lovely, lyrical blowing with a South African sorta groove. They completely cut loose on "A Broken Glass", take it as far out as they can for bit before turning on a dime and slowing down to "Song for Che" type of touching ballad later back to a Gary Windo/Robert Wyatt version of the same tune to close it cosmically.
They end with a joyous stomp called "Too Much Money", that has a Dirty Dozen meets the Art Ensemble thing.
Where do they all come from, these lost treasures from around the planet?