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Luís Lopes' Humanization 4tet - Electricity

Stuart Kremsky, IAJRC Journal

The González Brothers step out on their own with blustery saxophonist Rodrigo Amado and electric guitarist Luis Lopes to form the Humanization 4tet. Their rambunctious debut, Electricity, starts out strongly with the tough grooves of bassist Aaron González’s Dehumanization Blues and there’s nary a letup until the closing medley of the group improv Eavesdropper with drummer Stefan González’s Ruas Sentimentais.

Amado can blow up a storm in a raging free style that’s second nature to the González rhythm team. Their springy and massive propulsive “lock” is another bit of evidence for the virtues of the family ensembles. Add in Lopes’ scratchy post-punk guitar and you’ve got a formidable ensemble. While a modernized and mutated jump blues sound predominates, with tunes like Lopes’ Jungle Gymnastics and A. González’s Infidelities, there’s also a hushed ballad in the guitarist’s Effigy and the indescribable things they get up to on Eavesdropper. Definitely worth a listen.