Peter Janson, Jonas Kullhammar & Paal Nilssen-Love - Live at Glenn Miller Café

Mark Keresman, Jazz Review

Fans of Euro-free-skronk rejoice! Ayler Records is dedicated to documenting free jazz of various types, and hot off the presses is this platterof a trio of wailin' Scandinavians.
J/K/N-L are out of the Albert Ayler-via-Peter Brotzmann "school" of lung-bustingly passionate free/"out" jazz that maintains a folkish simplicity. Not nearly as brutal as Brotzmann, but they have the some of the same focused abandon (the appropriately-titled "Blow-Out")and unlike some free units, the music does touch the earth (note "Slowdown" with its rough bluesy tenor echoing Don Byas and Dexter Gordon & its rhythm-mad Mingus-meets-Dave Holland solo bass intro).
Indeed, this isn't for the faint of heart, liver or notions-of-improv, but those who drink deep of the wild open waters of Northern Europe and Chicago are urged to partake.