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Peter Janson, Jonas Kullhammar & Paal Nilssen-Love - Live at Glenn Miller Café

Randy McElligott, Jazz Review

Ayler Records is a label based in Sweden that specializes in capturing live Jazz performances. With attention to sound, production, and packaging, Ayler offers the listener a chance to hear what went down in a particular dwelling at a particular time. Along with excellent production values, the packaging is first rate as well.
Ake Bjurhamn is responsible for the compelling art work that grace every release. No jewel cases here. Each release is contained in a friendly and inviting gatefold. Jan Strom is the driving force behind Ayler Records. He is involved in the production of each recording.
Janson / Kullhammer and Nilssen were captured live in front of an appreciative audience at Glenn Miller Cafe in Stockholm Sweden.
Wasting no time, this power trio launches into a blistering number entitled Cold Thrills. Kullhammer's driving tenor pushes the band to new heights. With the occasional cymbal tick, Nilssen-Love's drumming acts like an anchor for Kullhammar to explore around. In and out, weaving and bopping throughout before Janson's inspired bass solo solidifies the moment.
A lyrical entry from Janson sets the stage for a gorgeous ballad. Slowdown is the kind of tune that reminds us all that we need to take stock in ourselves and live each moment to fullest. Janson is one of the brightest bassists on the Swedish Jazz scene. His sense of time and melody acknowledged throughout. Subtle inflections, and soft finger work make it all the more remarkable. Kullhammar's relaxed tenor mixed with Nilssen-Love's intricate drum work, create a mood of intrinsic beauty.

Nilssen-love takes the spotlight on Smash- and -Grab, After hearing the trio take a few bars, it's time for Nilssen-Love's drumming to take center stage. Shades of Sunny Murray and Andrew Cyrille are evident throughout. Always listening to the moment and adding his own tonal colors illustrate how this young skin tapper can listen to what is going on and respond in kind. Lovely cymbal work throughout.

On this particular night, The audience at Glenn Miller Cafe were treated to an unforgettable music event from three of the brightest musicians not only in Sweden but anywhere for that matter. It seems that in Sweden there is a healthy Jazz community. One that is willing to take chances and push the envelope.
Janson / Kullhammar and Nilssen-Love are a fine example of the state of creative Jazz. We would hope to hear more from this trio in future recordings. If you have an ear for the adventurous, this live performance is one to check out.