Gyldene Trion - Live at Glenn Miller Café

Henrik Kaldahl, Jazznet

The latest CD release from the amazing forward looking label Ayler records is a trio release with a group of musicians called Gyldene Trion, on this occasion captured live at the Glenn Miller Cafe in Stockholm Sweden on August 13th and 14th last year.
Gyldene Trion is a group of free musicians, who together stands like a massive unity going forward at full speed. The musicians are Jonas Kullhammar on tenor- and baritone saxophones, Torbjörn Zetterberg on bass and Daniel Fredriksson on drums and the interplay between these giant on the Swedish jazz scene is very convincing and incredible.
At times the three players seems like they are one instrument, playing tight and following each others ways into the improvised music like they had one mind, no one stands back for the others and all is given the space they deserve going in various directions.
All in all a very solid release from Ayler Records as always.