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Gyldene Trion - Live at Glenn Miller Café

Bruce Lee Galanter, DMG Newsletter

Where do they all come from?!?
Gyldene Trion is a fabulous Scandinavian trio who I hadn't heard before this, but I am delighted to make their acquaintance. The trio performs five long pieces here, 2 originals and three covers.

"The Night Has a Thousand Eyes" begins and is an old standard. The bassist throbs powerfully at
the center while Jonas spins Trane-like lines at a furious yet relaxed rate.
This trio is super tight and plays together as one spirit/force. Their bassist, Torbjörn, penned the touching "Hurricane Ann," another calm yet stirring storm. The drummer is a master of the mallets and weaves powerful waves around the drums, while Jonas reaches deep on his tenor and pours out his heart.

Monk's rarely heard "Stuffy Turkey" is a classic, old-school swinging standard with Jonas playing some righteous bari sax and Daniel using his brushes just right. Jonas' long solo just gets better and better as builds and breathes fire into this stirring song.

Jonas' amazing "Snake City Rundown" is another powerful piece with a throbbing bass-line and a churning somewhat funky groove. Jonas' long solo is marvellous and consistently creative as he reaches for the stars. Whoa!

The trio closes with another Monk song, "Friday the 13th" and start with a suspense-filled intro. There is something laid back and just right about this rendition, it makes one want to snap their fingers and eventually the tempo doubles and the bari sax starts burnin'.

What I dig about this trio is that they always play together as one spirit, never showing off. The music, the inner thread that binds them is directly from the heart. Nothing is superfluous, everything is completely solid and connected.

Yeah man!