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F. Anderson & H. Bankhead - The Great Vision Concert

Jason Bivins, Cadence Magazine

This is a fine live date from 2003's Vision Festival. I'm not sure Ayler needed to include the minute or so of tuning and Patricia Nicholson's introduction, but all is forgiven once you hear that tone, so much tenor, so much coming through the horn.
When the mood strikes, there's little like that dark brooding that Anderson can sometimes achieve, perfectly partnered by Bankhead, whose lyrical playing seems midway between Hopkins and Haden.

They shadow each other perfectly, but not with tiresome mimicry – rather, they do so with deep sympathy and a shared vision. Throughout there is an abundance of subtle dynamic, timbral, and tempo shifts, packed with information like good free improv should be but not at the expense of space.
Listen to them race each other on "Cloverleaf," somehow arriving simultaneously at the finish line to dance into a lovely stair step right at the end.
And check out Bankhead on "Wandering," where he whips up an infectious sawing rhythm (with occasional vocal doubling) that recalls Dyani somehow. After a bass solo, Anderson wails and honks so convincingly that – just for a second – I thought of Gonsalves at Newport.
A gorgeous stately melody closes it out, and then the duo is off to frolic once more on a pleasantly loping and enjoyable closer.

The whole thing swings like hell, and people were dancing in the aisles. A really good one.