F. Anderson & H. Bankhead - The Great Vision Concert

Henrik Kaldahl, Jazznet

This cd is a duo concert recording with the tenor saxophonist Fred Anderson and the bassist Harrison Bankhead, recorded at the Vision festival in New York on the 22. of May 2003. It is two very skilled gentlemen we are dealing with here. Anderson was at the time of the concert 78 years old and Bankhead was 52, so it is definitely a couple of guys who has been more than once around the block.
And just that can be heard very clearly on these 4 amazing and impressive numbers, we as listeners are being presented for. 4 numbers who all have been written and composed by Fred Anderson himself, spanning in length from about 5 minutes to 22 and a half minute.
The interplay and the nearly telepathic connection these two musicians, have between each other is nothing but breathtaking. It is clear to everyone that it is not the first time these two gentlemen stand on the stage together. It could have been truly amazing to have been a witness to this live concert, and to have experienced how Bankhead followed Anderson smallest trips out in improvisation, and the other way around for that matter. This recording swings like a real mother and is nothing less than amazing.
Bankhead tells about the recording "Me and Fred, we talked about the music briefly before the set, he said: Harrison let's make it swing. We can go out and do our thing" - and that was exactly what they did.
Once again Ayler Records has managed to send a record out on the street that kicks some serious butt and who holds all the way. Ayler Records hits the spot as always in this reviewers book with exciting and interesting releases which is so much better than the releases the bigger record companies throws out on the market. So why not take the chance and order this CD, for example on the Ayler records homepage. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.