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Bernado/Rinaudo/Mayot - Ikui Doki

Avant Scena

“Ikui Doki” was released on 2018 by “Ayler Records”. Album was recorded by Sophie Bernado (bassoon, voice), Hugues Mayot (saxophone, clarinet) and Rafaelle Rinaudo (harp, effects). These three musicians form the trio “Ikui Doki”. Radical, bright, evocative and extatic solos, innovations, synthesis of electronics and acoustics contain the main part of album. The musicians have original point of view – they are dedicated to create evocative, fresh and new avant-garde jazz, who’s also is radical and shocking. Experimental and contemporary academical music also is highly related with these compositions. There are many intonations of classical or modern harmony, traditional instrumentation’s decisions, far intonations of Asian music, who are twisted together with avant-garde jazz. Free improvisation is the main element of all compositions of “Ikui Doki” for the most of the time. Musicians are exploring, traveling from the one mood to another – all together they create new sounds, furious scandals, humoristic or funny episodes, gentle pieces, sweet and romantic excerpts or simply driving and crazy moods. The music is bright, intense and vibrant.

“Ikui Doki” has a multi-layed structure, rich musical pattern and is based on dynamic mood. The compositions are based on avant-garde, experimental and modern jazz, which is mixed with free improvisation. Improvisers are great jazz masters – each of them has its own and original style. Hot and expressive playing manner, evocative decisions, stunning instrumentation, sound experiments, weird timbres and special effects contain the main part of the musical pattern. This album is one of these, where musicians manage to create an organic and interesting synthesis of avant-garde jazz and contemporary academical music – forms, elements, chords, typical basics and expressions of these two genres are gently brought together. The melodic pattern is the most luminous, loud and bright. It’s based on individual melodies, played by each instrument. Bright, colorfully ornamented with passages and glissando, the melodies are flowing to dramatic culminations, romantic and silent pieces, relaxing moods or meditative excerpts. Musicians are paying huge attention to the melody – it’s huge and long, constructed from dozens of different pieces, composing techniques and expressions. The melodies spread without any force all through wide and colorful musical pattern – each melody is remarkable, expressive, imaginary and colorful. Though the open form is the most frequently used, the melodies are more similar to contemporary academical or experimental music compositions. That’s especially hears on subtle pieces with slow, lyrical and relaxing mood. Special effects, abandoned and depressive mood, short and abstract melodic excerpts are the main compounds of these episodes. It’s contrasting with vivid, gentle, light, expressive, sometimes – roaring and tremendous culminations and collective improvisations. The musicians are improvising expressively and with passion – their music is dynamic, vivid and always in change. Reeds melodies surely are the most important for melodic line. Bassoon, saxophone and clarinet keep strong harmonic pattern and make engaging, passionate and marvelous melodic line. These three instruments contain the basics of melodic line – it’s brings dozens of colors, expressions and moods. Sophie Bernado and Hugues Mayot make a pleasant duo. They both gently fit together – each of them adds his own sound and playing techniques, who are absolutely different, but still organically get together. Gentle pieces, soft and warm timbres, passionate and dizzy solos, roaring blow outs who passe to growling, aggressive and turbulente culmination or to light, abstract, academic and expressive mood. The reeds certainly form the main mood, conception and sound of the compositions. Voice elements are exceptional and interesting – it appears suddenly and like from nowhere – spoken elements, recitals, various timbres and sounds, extended and innovative techniques, dramatic and energetic playing style are main elements of Sophie Bernado’s voice improvisations. The harp and effects are leaded by Rafaelle Rinaudo. The improviser creates wide and rich conception of harp – it’s warm, joyful and bright. Harp is used here as universal instrument – it adds much more colors to melodic line, brings specific intonations, exotic timbres, colorful expressions, creates rhythmic basis, harmonic pattern and coloristic background. All these functions are dine and combined splendidly – charming passages, tight tunes, weird timbres, bright and expressive melodies, light and gentle playing techniqye bring effective and moving sound. Special effects are made from synthesized sounds, computer devices, radio tunes, ambient, glitch, drone, alterated sounds, modified timbres and dozens of other special effects. Music of this album is bright and fresh – it’s made by three great improvisers, who have splendid playing techniques and effective improvising style.