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Return Of The New Thing - Traque

Glenn Astarita, AllAboutJazz

According to its mission statement, "Ayler Records will put their emphasis more to the sounds that really did happened and which created an unforgettable music event - never to be experienced again." To that end, this recent release serves as an appropriate representation of what this record label is all about.

Recorded live in France, the quartet's fast moving and freely organized flow parallels a musical evolution of sorts.
British pianist/violinist Dan Warburton coalesces with saxophonist Jean-Luc Guionnet for a sequence of rambunctiously executed themes. Bassist Francois Fuchs and drummer Edward Perraud generally whip matters into submission.
It's partly about angst-ridden choruses in concert with a trance-like modus operandi - where one might get the feeling that the musicians are appealing to a higher authority.

Folks, this isn't casual listening, as the band provides a bit of justice to the record label's moniker, which of course is named after the late, great, free-jazz saxophonist Albert Ayler.