Lila Bazooka - Arashiyama

Beach Sloth


An intrinsically beautiful mixture of the ancient and modern, Lila Bazooka delivers a special lovely work with “Arashiyama”. The number of things that occur within these pieces is quite mystifying. Everything about them ensures there is a great attention to detail. Quite pretty the littlest gestures get magnified out into the infinite. Unusual instrumental and approaches to composition helps to engage the listener, to bring them into something that has such a delicacy to it. Rhythm exists in a subdued, classical sense, forgoing beats for something more pastoral. Even the electronic elements have a naturalness to them. With each track they go further and further down in to the rabbit hole.

“Nouka” pays attention to literally each breath, the decay and all in between. Great effects help to give “Perpetuum” a surreal quality. Complete with the wonderful poetry that is employed over the duration of the work, the song goes for something ever so soothing. On “Hyoshi Taisha” the piece stretches out into the infinite with the droning quality of the work resulting in gorgeous multifaceted layers that get woven together into this ever-twisting whole. Fantastic buildup occurs on the rather elegant execution of “Todai-ji”. Swells of sound bubble up as “Kome to Me” gets things swirling about in earnest. Hyperactivity works wonders on “Aishite Imasu” has a grandeur to it. “I Keep Lifting My Head” makes sure to let the sustained tones sprawl into the sky. Multi-suite “Ducks and Boats” brings things to a close.

Lila Bazooka delves into something so rich, tactile, and unusually touching as “Arashiyama”.