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The Electrics - Chain of Accidents

Randy McElligott, Jazz Review

Chain Of Accidents begins with a brief solo from Flaten. Ericson and Dorner join in with a frenetic exchange of ideas. Ericson's rolling approach works well with Dorner's stacato like blirps. As a result, a beautiful exchange between Ericson and Dorner. Sharing the moment with a flurry of uplifting honks, glissando's and probing. They continue for a few more bars with Strid's swinging stick work adding support for this creative moment. Dorner is an incredible musician in that his sound is both controlled and focused. Every note is tightly integrated into the general sound of the band. Conjecture rules one minute, melody and form the next. What a trip. What seals this solo is the way Dorner explores the lower register of the trumpet. Reminiscent of some of Lester Bowie's best work, Dorner takes the listener on a trip within. One gets the feeling he is at peace with his horn.
Painting gentle stokes of color with precision, Strid's timing and delicacy brilliantly encapsulate a moment when the group is searching and discovering possibilities. Exchange Of Accidents is just that. An exchange of chance, liberation, and freedom. It's like sailing through unchartered water with no end in site. Listen carefully to Flaten's low key string work. Exhilarating

Accidents By Chance is more of a mainstream swinging affair. You wouldn't think so from Strid's percussive intro, but after a few bars, the band gets into the groove, and explores thematic options to the max. Ericson shines throughout with some intense playing. By the time Dorner gets to solo, the atmosphere changes to an upbeat and hot session with Dorner's understated trumpet leading the way. The dexterity and fluidity of the rhythm section, make this all possible. As the song winds down, we are all the better for this listening experience.

Before an appreciative crowd, The Electrics were to say the least and no pun intended, Electrifying. Bottom line is that on this particular evening, the music was flowing, happening, and fun. The Electrics deserve another chance to record together. Hopefully soon.