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Peter Brötzmann, Peter Uuskyla & Peter Friis-Nielsen - Live at Nefertiti

Ingmar Glanzelius, Dagens Nyheter

The most ruthless high pressure still comes from Peter Brötzmann’s German saxophones. Musicians creates societies and series of concerts which are called “Brötz”. One speaks of to set or to release a “Brötz” in order to express inhuman energy.
This record is made in cooperation with the Swedish Broadcasting Company in the jazz club Nefertiti in Gothenburg with the Danish el bassist Peter Friis Nielsen and the Swedish drummer Peeter Uuskyla. It is music for cutting blowpipe. Brötz is humming in the mouthpiece at the same time as he blows as the tone will crunch, like with old real Dixie blowers.

This is music without any other preparations than the life itself. The tenor saxophone has a big swollen vibrato, sometimes light tones which can’t be find on the saxophone, a birds fight at four o’clock in the morning of the spring. In a fast title the audience screams after the Brötz’s solo tanking for the release.

Brötzman doesn’t breath often, so the el bass is seldom heard, except in the beginning of the last title which chocks by starting in a slow tempo. However, the Trio’s breathtaking escalates the tempo to a maximum. Peeter Uuskyla avoid to hit the cymbals, he rattles nervous with the sticks on the snare drum.

The record is produced by the enthusiast Jan Ström, and has an extremely beautiful cover made in cardboard.
The music is a competition in how long one can hold ones breath.