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Peter Brötzmann, Peter Uuskyla & Peter Friis-Nielsen - Live at Nefertiti

Edwin Pouncey, The Wire

Caught in the act at Nefertiti Jazzclub, Gothenburg, Sweden in March 1999, the two Peters (Brötzmann and bassist Friis Nielsen), and one Peeter (Uuskyla) hit like an express train from the outset and shoe no sign of slowing up.
There are periods of calm (drummer Uuskyla's "Third Sun") but for the most part this is a cloud-scudding freeform blast. Although Brötzmann is renowned for his bearlike sax bellowing, he makes each new recording sound unlike anything that he has played before. This fine set is no exception.
Circling around his four-part "Nidhog" are series of furiously played hardcore explorations.
No other artist today embraces the spirit of the late Albert Ayler so tightly and passionately.