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Exploding Customer - At Your Service

Jason Bivins, Cadence Magazine

Let's make one thing clear: Exploding Customer is not "at your service" in any customary kind of way. Don't expect accommodation, glad-handing, or patience. They're more likely to shake you down than butter you up for a gratuity.
The group's first studio recording is as exuberant as its predecessors, with a raucous spirit to the improvising and a clutch of catchy groove-based originals. Kuchen's bar-walking horn leads the group through the funk strut of "Goodbye Smith Town!" and sets an energetic tone for the whole disc.

In a tight 41 minutes, this deservedly well-loved combo charges through the Sephardic sounding "Let's Tear," the tart and boisterous "Wars" (with saucy horn harmony, and some dazzling work from Hallonsten), the ice-cool "Cold Jewel" (with minimalist tick-tocking in open space), the punked-up charge on "Who Serves?" (which features the band's vocalizations, always a hoot), and the AALY-ish romance and fire of the closing medley.

Quigley and Nordeson are supple and swinging, a bit less explosive than on the live sets, but the volcanic energy this group generates is a thing unto itself.

Another winner from a great band.