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Per Henrik Wallin Trio - The Stockholm Tapes

Laurence Dohohue-Greene, AllAboutJazz

Wallin's energetic trio captured from two audibly different sources at mid '70s Stockholm concerts comprises The Stockholm Tapes. With Lars-Göran Ulander (alto sax) and Peter Olsen (drums), we hear rolling and tumbling improvisations.
"E.V" and "Wuppertal" are dynamic and of better sound quality than the remaining two tracks, the former tune slowly starting off with Ulander unaccompanied and lyrical then gradually joined by the rumblings of his bandmates, their escalated tension rising to a boil.
What remains constant regardless of the surroundings is hearing Wallin's every echoing note, from harp-like crescendos to theme and mood-creating circular patterns that provide a springboard for him and his group's improvisations.