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Per Henrik Wallin Trio - The Stockholm Tapes

Stuart Kremsky, IAJRC Journal

The Stockholm Tapes, previously unissued material by the Per Henrik Wallin Trio, is a CD about trust: the trust that the musicians share in their fellow improvisers, the trust that their 1970's audiences placed in the trio, and the trust that the modern-day enthusiast places in labels that take the time and money to ferret out worthy performances of the past. Sweden's Ayler Records has earned a high level of consumer faith with their dedication to well-presented live music. Drawn from a pair of mid-Seventies club appearances, the music is wide open free jazz, with plenty of quiet passages in the lengthy tracks. At their fiercest, Lars-Göran Ulander unleashes one impassioned solo after another, kicked hard by drummer Peter Olsen. Pianist Wallin's broad voiced and excited piano moves in and around the serpentne saxophone lines with his own dynamics. The result is consistently interesting and absorbing blowing by a confident ensemble.