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Zed Trio - Lost Transitions

Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes

During torrid summer days, here is a welcome repechage from 2010. With titles such as “Zed Leppelin Crash Test” and “Hysteric Meditation” one realizes tout de suite that this trio is not exactly genuflecting to the icon of flower power. By punching the body hard with barbarous sax blasts, instigative guitar surges and hazardous rhythmic partitioning, Boubaker, Lataillade and Vaudaux do not ask to be remembered for the details of what they do, rather for the bruises they leave. The healthily pernicious complexion of the interplay occasionally leaves the listener discombobulated given the proportions between volume, acoustic animalism and quantity of immediate data transmitted. In spite of this, we are still able to eyeball the gumptious competence of musicians that seem to have approached this recording with the same spirit of resentment of someone who has been subjected to an endless streak of injustices and has no other means to explicit the torment than destroying any ratiocinative report via sheer instrumental prepotence. A challenging coalescence of thick-skinned vandalization and repudiation of the “classic” aesthetic laws of free jazz. If anything, these 58 minutes establish a punk-ish climate that contributes to increasing the percentage of adrenaline.

ZED TRIO (Heddy Boubaker, as, bs; David Lataillade, g; Frederic Vaudaux, d, perc) looks at improv differently. The focus on LOST TRANSITIONS (Ayler 102) is surely intensity during these ten performances (Dubai on Fire / Narcissique / Near the End / Zed Leppelin Crash Test / Message of Peace and Happiness / Lost Transitions / Cruce la Frontera / Acid Voodoo Dancing / Hysteric Meditation / Slices of Terrific Flux Bop. 58:55. October 19-21, 2009, Toulouse, France). Of course, most people are going to zero in on the mighty “Zed Leppelin Crash Test,” not only for its reference to Led Zeppelin, but also, for its sheer girth