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Jemeel Moondoc Trio - Live at Glenn Miller Café

Uno Ohlsson, Norrköpings Tidningar

The memory of Jemeel Moondoc Trio's performance this spring at the Museum of Art in Norrköping is still very much alive. Music on this highest of levels is no one spoilt by.

If one wants to continue the listening, the alert Ayler Records in Gusum now releases a recording from the Trio's concert at Glenn Miller Café in Stockholm two days after the concert in Norrköping.

It was nothing wrong with the Trio's performance in Norrköping but here it heats up even more. William Parker's bass playing is majestic (Jimmy Blanton must have sounded in the same fantastic way at his time) and Hamid Drake at the drums makes irresistible rhythmic power outbursts.

But, it is Jemeel Moondoc who dominates in both of the half an hour long titles Hi-Rise and Blues From My People.
His blues- drown, energy loaded playing hits as hard as a knock out punch from a heavy weight fighter.