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Anders Gahnold Trio - Flowers for Johnny

Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG Newsletter

This superb two CD set features Swedish alto saxist Anders' great trio in concert from October of 1983 and September of 1985. You should recall Mr. Gahnold from another more recent trio date with William Parker also on Ayler, which was listed under William's name as the leader, but he tells us that this wasn't the case, it is a fine trio date no matter what.

Both Manny and myself, as well many of our friends are big fans for anything from the legendary South African band - the Blue Notes, as well as the large band they turned into, the Brotherhood of Breath, when they moved to London in the mid-sixties. Each member of the Blue Notes was gifted in their own way and sadly only their drummer Louis Moholo remains with us.
(Ogun is the label started by Brotherhood of Breath bassist Harry Miller and now run by his widow Hazel, it is a grand label featuring these South African giants, only a handful of their records have become CDs. So, the search for long lost gems from these players remains active.)

Blue Notes bass wonder, Johnny Dyani, moved to Copenhagen in 1972 and worked with Pierre Dorge's Orchestra, as well as traveling and playing with musicians throughout Europe, from Dollar Brand to Joseph Jarman & Don Moye to Don Cherry. Chris McGregor was the leader of the Blue Notes as well the Brotherhood of Breath.
Gilbert Matthews was the last drummer in McGregor's trio before Chris passed away, as well as a later
member of the Brotherhood.
Swedish alto saxist, Anders Gahnold was honored to work with Johnny Dyani for a few years before Johnny's passing in 1986.
This two cd set captures two very special concerts by the superb trio. The first disc is from October of 1983 and what an amazing trio this is. Johnny's contrabass pumps hard and profusely as Anders sails high and wide, a beautiful tone with no screaming or squealing needed.
The rhythm team is incredible throughout, weaving layers of lines in a joyous, melodic and awe-inspiring way! This was a radio broadcast, hence the sound and balance are just perfect.
There is a constant pulse here, a never-ending push and pull, it is well connected, so it never sounds completely free and probably a great introduction to those warming up to freer explorations without going too far out.

The second concert from September of 1985 is only 33 minutes long, so the entire two CD set clocks in at around 100 minutes, but remains completely engrossing from the beginning to the end.

This is certainly one of the year's best sets so far and comes very highly recommended!