Exploding Customer - Live at Glenn Miller Café

Alan Jones, Bagatellen

Boggles the mind that no one has mentioned this disc until now. For me, lately, the Scandinavian music scene is where it's AT. I've been prompted to bust out some old Gush discs.
There are some true unheard treasures at work over there. And some heard. Strid, Jormin, Sture Ericson, Mazur, Jonas Kullhammar.

I'd never heard any of the musicians from Exploding Customer, save for AALY's Kjell Nordeson prior to this record. Martin Kuchen's many horns are a breath of fresh air, and what a motherfucker on soprano.
There is some Coleman influence but the music is its own, bass and drums are an infectious driving force for much of the disc. Nice melodies, even better improv. I haven't heard muted trumpet (Tomas Hallonsten) in this context in many moons and the delivery is refreshing. Nordeson plays with much restraint compared to AALY. He's the better for it, but then this is a different approach altogether. The melodies... opening track plays like Ravel scoring for Band of Gypsys but I think I've said that elsewhere.

Great disc, like anarchy within the tradition of another tradition within tradition.