Cappozzo/Lazro/Nick/Souchal - Neigen

Leif Carlsson, Lira


The title track begins in a cautious melancholy. Neigen is a German verb meaning "strive for". With the quartet, an agreement to stay within a certain framework (as it seems) and yes, strive for a low-key complex group sound.

All the time simmering and squeaking, sometimes hissing, sometimes a winding melody. When it gets more abstract, the music can be like pouring muesli with nuts, blueberries and red pomegranate seeds from a bag with slightly different openings (!). A flow without inertia rather than a dynamic sine curve. Openness to the unknown and unexpected, but this is not elaborate music, more of a curious conversation. Absolutely refined music, so do not let go of the sharpness, on the cover there is a picture of rails, and it is not to be trusted.