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Arthur Doyle & Sunny Murray - At Glenn Miller Café

Magnus Eriksson, Svenska Dagbladet

It is soon one year since Bengt Frippe Nordstöm died, one of the most misunderstood visionary from the Swedish Jazz scene.
When Arthur Doyle and Sunny Murray performed at Glenn Miller Café in Stockholm last spring, Nordström played for a short while with Murray. It lasts in twelve minutes. Nordström varies some Ayler themes and reaches at the end a serene clarity. Maybe more human than musically indispensable, but it is gratifying that Jan Ström of Ayler Records has included these tracks on the CD.

Otherwise, it is about a charged communication between two profiled musicians. Doyle creates melancholy expressivities on the tenor saxophone, while Sunny Murray weaves contrasting rhythmical tensions into a powerful prompting drum dynamic.
It can be shabby and challenging, or restrained as in Two Free Jazz Men Speak, were an interrupted melody theme is displaced and changed, and creates new forms with almost programmed musical slant.