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Alex Henderson, The New York City Jazz Record

Vanishing Light in the Tunnel of Dreams brings together two very different groups: experimental rock duo Pinkish Black (Daron Beck, keyboards, synthesizer; Jon Teague, drums, synthesizer) and avant garde jazz trio Yells at Eels (Dennis González, trumpet, percussion, who turns 66 this month; and sons Aaron, electric bass, acoustic bass, vocals and Stefan, drums, percussion, marimba). This recording mixes electric avant garde jazz with elements of progressive rock, space rock and funk, the eclecticism partially from the variety of instruments in use. Some of the synthesizers emulate the sound of a crunching rock guitar and, as such, moody offerings such as “The Sorrow of Guernica”, “Slow Cascade of Tears” and Middle Eastern-flavored “Heatstroke Mirage” have a great deal of rock energy to go with their electric avant garde jazz improvisation.
The word “moody” definitely applies throughout this CD. “Meditation”, the title track and other selections favor the more contemplative and restrained side of avant garde jazz. Darker emotions are often expressed and some of the harmonies recall classic Pink Floyd albums of the '70s such as Dark Side of the Moon, Animals and Wish You Were Here while the influence of Miles Davis’ fusion dates of the '70s-80s is impossible to miss during González' spare, introspective trumpet improvisations on “The Sorrow of Guernica”, “Meditation” and other selections.
The members of Pinkish Black and Yells at Eels aren’t afraid to incorporate many different types of music and the result is an appealing, unexpected departure from the groups’ own releases.