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Noah Howard Quartet - Live at the Unity Temple

Ingmar Glanzelius, Dagens Nyheter

A shrill, heartbroken tone from an alto saxophone, that foreshadows something good.
The label Ayler Records, Swedish from Gusum, releases this free jazz record from Chicago, recorded in a devotions temple which was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, the man who also designed the odd round Guggenheim museum in New York - that foreshadows even more.
Some holy melody jingles with a shaky tone, Noah Howard is an devoted saxophonist, Bobby Few bangs on a pleasantly untuned piano, Cayler Duncan sometimes hits some dark cymbals.
There is a vague amateurishness in the playing, with big joy. Howard blows the melodies to chips, one tune is over twenty minutes long, a question for how long can a body keep up with this high pressure, not the mind.
Almost all of the music is in the saxophone's A minor, regardless if Howard is blowing alto or tenor saxophone. This tone he takes up and down. At the end one wonders if he knows anything else. Or he may not want.

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