Scott Fields Ensemble - Barclay

Avant Scena

“Barclay” was released by “Ayler Records” on 2018. Album was recorded by “Scott Fields Ensemble”. The ensemble is famous at avant-garde jazz scene – the musicians are making remarkable, bright, expressive and innovative music, who’s based on free improvisations. The members of ensemble are great, experienced and talented musicians. It’s Scott Fields (electric guitar, compositions), Matthias Schubert (tenor saxophone), Scott Roller (cello) and Dominik Mahnig (percussion) – great collaboration of these four original jazz masters brings passionate, driving and evocative sound. Each of them is different – has its own sound, original and effective playing style, hot playing manner and sense to the others players improvisations. Expression, joy, passion, pleasure and will to create new, extravagant and innovative sound join all four improvisers in collective improvisations. It makes a splendid result – “Scott Fields Ensemble” improvisations are adventurous, wild, interesting and innovative. It’s based on avant-garde jazz, who’s compilated with contemporary academical music tunes and has high influenze of modern jazz styles. Free, wild and evocative improvisations have bright, interesting and expressive sound.

“Barclay” has evocative and bright sound. It has huge variety of styles, who are genuinely combined together. The base of music is avant-garde jazz and its roots. Expressive, radiante, turbulent and frantic free improvisations contain the main part of all compositions. The music is sparkling and contrasting – it has an influenze of modern jazz styles and contemporary academical music, sound experiments and academic avant-garde. All these intonations are very soft – it’s used subtly and naturally fit in common musical pattern. Colors, rhythms, timbres, dynamics and remarkable melodies – huge palette of it is used here. The author of the compositions is Scott Field, who also plays an electric guitar. Composer manages to create organic, natural and bright improvisations – incredible, expressive and rich arsenal of playing techniques, special effects, sound experiments and specific ways of playing is used here. Though the compositions are arranged and have all the basis, each improviser has an ability to spontaneous, moody, adventurous and wild changes. Deep and contemplative timbres, ambient mood, meditative and relaxing pieces meet hot, burning, sparkling and passionate solos, tremendous culminations and frantic adventures. Musicians are experimenting in various fields of musical language – they are searching for exotic or eclectic combos, rare instrumental pairs, specific playing techniques, and making weird, scadalous, provocative, radical or wild musical decisions. The musical pattern of compostions has rich facture, dozens of colors, bordering dynamics, gorgeous timbres, colorful and bright background, solid rhythmic section and dynamic harmonic pattern. Open form is everywhere – compositions have no frames, bords or strict rules. Musicians are using very well-known ways of playing – they switch them together with experimental, shocking or innovative playing techniques. Matthias Schubert’s tenor saxophone is dynamic and active. Calm, relaxing and silent solo burst in scandalous culminations with turbuelnce and high pressure. Expressive melodies, harsh tunes, aggressive riffs, repetitive sharp timbres, monotonic or variable rhythms, silmunateously changed and joined together – all these elements contain the main basics of saxophone’s solos. Remarkable melodies are flowing and sparkling – it’s aggressively growling, extremely loud, vibrant, filled with roaring blow outs or sparkling riffs. Suggestive and evocative saxophone is moving, touching and vivid. It leads the melodic line and effect main mood of compositions. Scott Fields electric guitar – intense, heavy and loud. Heavy hard core, monotonic rhythms, sharp and aggressive timbres, quadratic structure or open form, free improvisation or abstract, contemplative and relaxing pieces – moods are changed one after each other silmunateously. Sparkling riffs, sound experiments, sharp tunes, depressive or abandonned motions, passionate, vibrant and trembling solos – these and other elements gently fit together and make a great combo with cello and saxophone. Scott Roller’s cello is melodic, remarkable and expressive at the same time. Improviser’s playing style is a mix from avant-garde jazz, free improvisation and academic avant-garde. Innovations of contemporary academical music instrumentation are used here along with radical, new and experimental ways of playing, created on his own. That makes an effort to impressive and bright instrumentation – it’s filled with gorgeous timbres, harsh tunes, weird noises, ambient and noisy excerpts and rich, bright and passionate background. The harsh, shrieky and repetitive tunes bring the main intonations of academical music. Dramatic, turbulent mood is created with shrieky tunes, dramatic solos, sensitive and emotional melodies, remarkable pieces or simply gorgeous excerpts. Light, vivacious, sweet, romantic, lyrical, slow and dreamy tunes also are used here. Flowing passages, dizzy virtuosic ornaments, colorful glissando, effective and soft pizzicatto, sharp staccatto – it’s just a part of very-well known playing techniques, abbreviations, passages and ornaments who are used in cello improvisations. Dominik Mahnig leads the rhythmic section. It’s mostly based on percussion combos and gorgeous timbres. Vivid, expressive, intense and active mood makes an effort to bright, solid and moving rhythmic section. Trembling arpeggio, effective glissando, experimental ways of playing, weird timbres, strange, noisy, outrageous and colorful tunes, rare combos, exotic instruments and dozens of rhythms – organic mix of huge variety of styles, manners, timbres, tunes and noises makes remarkable and beautiful sound. The music of this album is made with pleasure and passion – it has original and expressive sound.



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