Zero Point - Plays Albert Ayler

Henrik Kaldahl, Jazznet

This release from the amazing Swedish label Ayler Records shows that the music of the dead saxophone player Albert Ayler certainly not has been forgotten.

The trio Zero point consists of 3 free jazz musicians who are committed and indeed inspired to the musical ideas of Albert Ayler. Zero point is Germán Bringas on altsaxophone and tenorsaxophone, Itzam Cano on bass and Gabriel Lauber on drums and this magnificent concert is recorded at the Cafë Jazzorca (who also is a record label) in Mexico City on September 22, 2006.

The CD has 9 numbers on it and 7 out of the 9 are covers of well known Albert Ayler numbers – "Vibrations", "The Wizard", "Tune Q", "Infant happiness", "Saints", "Children" and "Angels" and the last two are numbers written by Bringas and Lauber named "Improv 1" and "Improv 2".
The covers of the Ayler numbers are something out of this world, sometimes the saxophone player Bringas sounds like a true incarnation of the old master, he honks, squeals and screams with his horns just like Ayler did and at some points the similarity is quite remarkable and obvious.

This record is not just a cover album, of one of the greatest free jazz players ever songs, but more like a tribute to a long lost master. These 9 numbers shows us that Albert Ayler and his music still after all these years, are a true inspiration to musicians today – and thank god for that.

The only way you can get a hold of this release is via the Ayler Records homepage, where you also can listen to previews before you buy.
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