Zero Point - Plays Albert Ayler

Mike Szajewski, WNUR

It isn’t often that you hear free jazz from Mexico, but Zero Point, who pay tribute to the music of Albert Ayler, are a surprising exception. The group was founded by drummer Gabriel Lauber, a Swiss Mexican, and features “Mexico City jazz legend” (as described in the liner notes) German Bringas, who is a proficient pianist, trumpeter, and saxophonist, but sticks to alto and tenor on this album. Rounding out the trio is Itzam Cano, a young Mexican bassist who demonstrates a pension for furious, pulsating improvisation. Yes, the bass might be more loud than usual, but it really works here, putting Cano on an equal footing. Aside from the Ayler tunes, Bringas and Lauber team up for two fiery improvisations of a level of intensity that arguably exceeds that of an Ayler date from the 60’s.

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