Joel Futterman - Possibilities

Tom Sekowski, Gaz-Eta

Joel Futterman seems to be an outsider. Neither fitting into the New York, Chicago, San Francisco or any other major city scene, he remains a musical outcast. While his 80's output left the greatest impression, it was his output with Jimmy Lyons that threw me head first into the music.
Personal highlight of Joel Futterman's live prowess was a live performance in Nickelsdorf as part of the 'Kidd' Jordan Quintet. Together with Gustafson, Guy, Fielder and Jordan, he was a raging animal let loose on stage.

In a solo setting, as on "Possibilities", he's a different person. Divided into seven distinct suites, the album is presented as one continuous whole. Futterman wastes no time in getting to heart of the matter. With sharp attacks on his keyboard, he's a flying madman. Percussive nature of the piano is at the forefront of much of the material here, as he's dancing on the keys in rhythmic patterns.

Improvised, but structured with brief, nearly melodic interludes, the music dances and sings. Like a broken record or a choir that's cut short, his approach is brutally direct and honest to the core.

Three of the sections extend beyond the twenty minute mark, allowing Futterman perfect opportunity to tell an extended storyline. With hints of blues, jazz and new music to spare, Futterman is unafraid to pursue the chartered course he's set out for himself more than thirty years ago.
If I say this is a crucial record, then I may not be telling the whole truth. It's simply a diary that Futterman has left wide open on the table.

Don't be afraid to take a peak inside.

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