Joel Futterman - Possibilities

Jay Collins, Signal To Noise

Possibilities presents Futterman in a rare solo recital, one in which the foundational elements of the music, such as the blues, boogie-woogie and stride, color each performance. The three twenty-plus minute pieces, "Part 1", "Part 3" and "Part 4", present the album's core, with "Part 1" demonstrating a blues-tinged melodicsm morphing into a fiery torrent that evokes initial cadences before full-tinged modality and concludind passages of jagged corners.

Futterman is positively Ellingtonian on "Part 3" and even with its scattered ashes, never loses its center; "Part 5" might sit comfortably next to anything from Duke's Piano Reflexions.

Futterman's sound-shaping is also present, particulary revealing on "Part 4" and its scrappy cousin, "Part 6", though the bell-centric whispers of "Part 2" might be a fitting sonic antidote to our troubled times. Almost as a postscript, Futterman evokes monk's whimsy on the terse "Part 7", a fitting farewell for this unique outing in the Futterman discography.

Caveat emptor for those us that appreciate Ayler's fine packaging, great sound and careful curation of this vital music : this release is only available as part of Ayler's new MP3 download program.

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